Steps to Register a LLP

Steps to Register a LLP:-

Registration of LLP will normally take 4-10 business days (subject to system availability of MyLLP Portal & SSM office) Fill up& email us the information as required to us.

  1. Fill up& email us the information as required to us.
  2. We will check the availability of the LLP name and get back to you within 24 hours.
  3. Upon receipt of payment, We will assist one of the partner (who will be acting as Compliance Officer) to register account for MyLLP Portal
  4. Partner that act as Compliance Officer need visit SSM office to active MyLLP System account
  5. Upon MyLLP account activated, We will submit application for name reservation on behalf of you by using your compliance officer’s MyLLP account.
  6. Once name approved by SSM, we will prepare full set of registration documents.
  7. Signing of documents at our office by all partners.
  8. Upon signing, we will proceed to register the LLP with SSM.
  9. Stamping of LLP agreement by LHDN.
  10. Issuance of Digital LLP Registration Certificate by SSM.
  11. Once the LLP is registered, we will email you all the completed documents (i.e. E-copy of LLP registration certificate, business profile and various other documents).